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Other Business Needs

Whether you are a start-up business or an established enterprise, an individual business owner, an entrepreneur, an investor, or a professional, we can serve your business needs. We handle all aspects of corporate and business formation, structuring and reorganization, as well as the acquisition, sale, financing, and dissolution of businesses. We can help you choose the right entity for your business needs. 

We can also assist you in drafting and negotiating corporate and business agreements, including contracts for the purchase, sale, or merger of businesses; employment contracts; shareholder agreements; stock pledge agreements; operating agreements for limited liability companies; partnership and joint venture agreements; employment agreements; investment and development agreements; and distribution agreements. 

Our goal is to establish an ongoing relationship with you, advising you on all legal aspects of the development and growth of your business and assisting you in navigating challenging periods.

How We Have Helped Clients…

An international investor client was purchasing a shopping center to reposition it. We assisted the client in forming the appropriate legal entities based on the recommendation of their tax advisor. We worked closely with the client’s real estate broker to negotiate the purchase contract and to address the various aspects of the due diligence. During the due diligence phase, we assisted in the lease review of the retail tenants; discussed issues with the client that were raised in the phase I environmental assessment and the property condition report; and reviewed the survey, the title insurance commitment, and related title search documents. We negotiated the loan documents with the client’s lender and closed on the sale. We further assisted the client in the review and negotiation of the property management agreement and helped facilitate transfer and conveyance issues, including utilities and collections.