Rational Green

Businesses and local governments are learning that green development makes sense. It is rational. However, there are times that requirements imposed by local governments with respect to green buildings appear arbitrary or irrational. For example, recently a local municipality wanted to impose a standard of LEED certification on a retail development that was in the [...]

The Green Shift: Market Forces Encouraging Sustainable Development

Whether one calls it a market shift, a trend or a fad, the movement to “go green” or build sustainable development in the commercial marketplace is an undeniable occurrence. Sustainable development is nothing new, though it is certainly a popular buzz phrase these days. European governments have been encouraging some form of green development from [...]

Can Developers and Municipalities Play Well Together in the Green Sandbox?

Planning staff of municipalities often view developers with a degree of suspicion, while developers tend to see municipalities as roadblocks – or, at the very least, speed bumps – when it comes to building projects. Developers respond to market forces and pursue the rewards of capitalism while municipalities are concerned about infrastructure issues and meeting [...]

The Greening of Retail

When it comes to green development, Central Florida is becoming a leader.  A number of local counties and municipalities have implemented sustainable policies and ordinances providing incentives for green buildings. The construction of one of the first downtown office buildings seeking LEED certification is progressing. Green systems, processes and technologies that seemed new and unknown [...]

Retail Leasing Pitfalls

Recent consumer spending increases are evidence the economy is starting to recover. Retail real estate tends to recover late in the economic cycle. Leasing issues will continue to be of concern in the retail marketplace – whether the location is in a distressed environment or where recovery is starting to take root. Typically, tenants are [...]